Photo by Yossy Arefi

Photo by Yossy Arefi

Technically, we have about three weeks of the season left, but Labor Day always seems to put a nail in the summer coffin, doesn’t it? If you’re looking to make something for an upcoming party or picnic, might I suggest something from (ahem) Modern Potluck?  Some of my favorite writers and photographers have been sharing recipes from the book all around the Internets. Here, find links to many of the recipes below. Hope you find something tasty!

First up, a homemade drink totally counts as a potluck dish in my book. (And in my actual book. Ha!) Food 52 declared this watermelon agua fresca “genius” thanks to the addition of one secrete ingredient. (You gotta click to find out what it is!)

Anna Watson Carl found this recipe for Whipped Ricotta with Tomatoes to be an easy way to celebrate the season, even with a baby in tow. For a vegan take on the Caprese salad, try serving tomatoes with white beans instead of cheese, like Lindsey Love from Dolly and Oatmeal did.

If you want tomatoes in all of their buy modafinil australia tangy glory, you can marinate them in a little vinegar and olive oil with za’atar, the puckery, herby Middle Eastern blend. (Jessica Murnane loves this one. I can’t wait to check out her podcast.)

Megan Gordon included a not-too-sweet chocolate cookie recipe in Modern Potluck. On her blog, however, she wrote about my salad version of elote, the mayo-slathered, cheese-dusted Mexican street corn. I made this recipe for a party last week and it was tastier than I remembered!

Laura Wright at The First Mess shares my potluck philosophy: “Make it pretty, make it familiar, but also a lil’ fresh and new again = guaranteed potluck success.” Perhaps it’s why she loved these Miso and Molasses Baked Beans, which are deeply savory and vegan.

Need a main dish? Ashley Rodriguez thought this cheesy, meatless Late Summer Vegetable Enchilada Pie was great for a potluck or for serving a family.

For sweets, might I suggest a peach-blueberry slab pie (Nik Sharma flavored the filling with rosemary) or this stunner of a lemon-berry bundt cake, which Yossy dressed in a royal purple glaze.