The International Food Court at Knoebels!

The International Food Court at Knoebels!

I’m off to this fine place this weekend. Look for me on the log flume or, perhaps, with a plate of kielbasa and haluski in the international food court.

Yum. Cumin lamb.

What we all should make before tomatoes go out of season. Oh, and this, too. So, so tasty.

Apparently, it’s actually quite fine to eat most buy modafinil china oysters in the summer.

I’m proud of my friend Jeni Britton Bauer and how she handled these challenges and changes in her ice cream business.

I’m the queen of signing up for 20-day self improvement challenges or 30-day yoga challenges. Whether I follow through on them is a different story. Here’s a fun one: A 20-day kitchen cleaning challenge. I’m up for it!