Modern Potluck Cover

In six days, Modern Potluck will be out in the world. It’s hard to believe this journey started more than two years ago, when my daughter was not yet two years old, and I could (technically) say I was in my early 30s.

Things have been quiet around the blog lately, but behind the scenes, I’ve been aligning pieces to make sure as many people know about my book as possible. My hope is that you’ll hear about it in one place, read about it in another, and be so sick to death of it that you go and buy the book. Then you’ll love it so much that you’ll tell your friends and write reviews and host more potlucks and post about them on Instagram, and feel a little bad that you were annoyed in the first place. 😉

For an introvert like me, the promotion process has been a little intimidating. It’s also been a ton of work. I’m glad I set aside buy modafinil provigil time almost every day for the past few months to devote to it. After the excitement dies down and the dust settles, I will share more details about what I did to get ready for the launch.

In the meantime, you can read some early press about the book in Epicurious; Edible Philly; Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE; and O Magazine. You can also find a feature I wrote about fruit salad inspired by the book for Every Day with Rachael Ray. 

I will be doing several book events and signings over the next few weeks. You can keep up with the latest here.

The first will be on pub day, July 26, at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn. (In their new space, no less!) Some friends and I will be making dishes from the book (it’s a potluck!) and my friend, writer and podcaster Julia Bainbridge, will interview me before I sign books. If you’re in New York, I’d love to see you there!


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