That's me in my kitchen!

That’s me in my (former) kitchen!

Welcome to Eat Better Drink Better, a proudly omnivorous food blog!

I’m Kristin. I’m a Food & Wine-editor-turned-freelance-writer, recipe developer and tester and author of the book Modern Potluck (Clarkson Potter 2016). I continue to write and develop recipes for Food & Wine as well as publications like Every Day with Rachael Ray, Prevention, Women’s Health, Epicurious and

I’m also the co-founder of Stewart & Claire, maker of small-batch lip balms.

About the blog. 

I call my blog EBDB (or Eat Better Drink Better) because that’s what I aim to do most days. With this site, l hope to inspire you to do so as well. I don’t have a militant definition of “eating better” because, well, what’s the fun in that? (Plus, I’m lucky enough to not have any known food intolerances). By better, I mean tastier, often healthier and more sustainable. In general, my food is freshly prepared from whole ingredients and I tend to take it easy on the sweets. At dinner, wine has a place on my table most nights, but I try to have no more than a glass.